Roof Underlayment

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A Lightweight Roofing Underlayment

CertainTeed roofing makes walking safe, wet or dry, and offers water and wind... More

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Repairing Stone Patios Over Living Space

Thorough waterproofing is essential for a leak-free job More

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Common Roofing Errors

Details that matter on asphalt shingle roofs More

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Draining Low-Slope Roofs

Poor drain design along with inadequate pitch can result in catastrophic water... More

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California Bungalow Makeover

New roots, new bones, new space, and a new roof: in Berkeley, California, Blue Dog... More

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Best Practice for Stucco Parapet Caps

To ensure a waterproof installation, use adhesive between layers of waterproofing... More

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MFM Offers Underlayment Co-Branding Program

Could co-branding be the right extension for your marketing efforts? These... More

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Hands-On Review of Hitachi's NV50AP3 Cap Nailer

A production manager for a St. Louis remodeler has high praise for this cap nailer... More

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