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Azek Reccommends Bonar Enkadrain 3801 for Rooftop Pavers

The Enkadrain 3801 mat is designed to effectively manage water drainage on flat roofs More

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Installing a Flue-Top Damper

Top-sealing dampers install quickly, seal out unwanted guests, and keep... More

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Velux GXU Roof Access Window

The window swings open enough to satisfy emergency egress requirements. More

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For the Birds

Unlike their more modern cousins, dovecotes in medieval Europe weren't simply... More

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Ecoshel Smart Shingle System

A numbering system on these 45-inch-long panels provides a guide for vertical... More

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JLC May Letters

Tips for soldering a lap seam; the usefulness of the GRK lap harness; and the future of vocational training. More

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Replacing a Wooden Gutter

A bowed, sagging wall complicated this custom repair. More

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ODL Energy-Star Qualified Tubular Skylight

With 98% reflective mirror interiors, ODL claims that these skylights deliver 25%... More

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Building Better Eaves

Roof overhangs can be finished in a number of materials and constructed in a wide... More

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