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South Florida Housing Market Strong, But Not Overheated

Florida home sales and starts are up, but nowhere near the boom year levels of... More

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Making Commissions Work
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The Traveling Timber Frame

When timber framer R. A. Krouse travels to a country fair, he brings along a barn. More

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Markup and Margin

Understanding margin will help you set accurate volume and markup goals. More

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Selling Remodeling With Energy Audits

Small weatherization jobs open the door to larger, custom remodeling projects. More

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Sales: Effective Questioning

Using a questioning strategy to narrow down the project's budget will help you... More

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How to Keep Bubba From Bidding On Your Plans and Specification

Shawn McCadden provides expert advice on setting up a sales process that won’t... More

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An App That Changed the Way I Work

Using an online scheduling app for sales calls improves productivity while providing prospective customers with a better experience. More

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Making Sense of Markup

Suggestions for what to say when clients ask: What's your markup? More

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