Sales Prospecting

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Is A Contractor Really A Salesperson If He Or She Hits Send?

Is your justification for emailing your proposals really a “reason” or, is it an “... More

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Strictly Business: The Nice Customer Niche

Finding and keeping nice clients More

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Strictly Business: Learning To Say "No"

Turning down work without turning off prospective clients More

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Strictly Business: Building Referral Networks

Strategies for increasing job referrals More

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Strictly Business: Two Types of Marketing

Putting your marketing efforts where they count More

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Strictly Business: How Do You Spell REFERRAL?

How to guarantee good referrals More

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10 Remodeling Sales Myths

When it comes to sales, conventional wisdom isn’t for everyone. A builder and remodeler describes the sales techniques that work for him — even when they fly in the face of “expert” advice. More

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Farewell to Competitive Bidding

This remodeler improved his company’s performance — and service to clients — by... More

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Sales for People Who Don't Like Selling

If you’re uncomfortable playing the role of salesman, you’re not alone. An experienced contractor gives step-by-step instructions on how to plan and present a sales pitch. More

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Business Forum: Make Marketing Dollars Count

Marketing strategies More

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