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Fix for Peeling Stucco

The painted finish on my client's recently purchased stucco house is blistering... More

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Q&A: Do Door Jambs Need Shims?

Q. When I install prehung and precased doors, I use shims to plumb both the hinge and strike jambs before nailing off the casing. But I've been on jobs where the carpenters plumb the hinge side of the door and then nail the prehung casing solid to the stu More

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Pouring a Structural Slab

An East Coast builder describes the process of forming and pouring a structural garage slab using polystyrene deck forms. More

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Better metal roof closures; easy access panel; shower base screed strips; new bamboo flooring; compact vanity for small baths; high-tech roof fall protection; flameless solderer for copper pipe; engineered form lumber; simple screen system; more More

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Patching Stucco

Making durable patches in stucco finishes is as much art as science. A veteran stucco contractor shows how to use dry dusting, fog coats, and trowel mix plastering both to repair damaged stucco and to blend new stucco work with old. More

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Slab-on-Grade Foundations

Where deep frost is not a danger, shallow footings and floor slabs can be formed and poured together. A New Mexico contractor takes a step-by-step look at how to excavate, form, brace, and finish monolithic slabs. More

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Glass Block in the Bathroom

A master tilesetter shows how to incorporate glass block into a tiled bath. More

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Focus On Energy: Foundation on a Truck
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For What It's Worth

"NEB's pick of curious, interesting and useful products." More

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