Small Projects

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Texas Builders Tackle Tiny Houses

Everything's big in Texas — except when it's not. More

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December 2014 Letters

House on wrong lot; OSHA; I-joist roofs; home-performance contracting profitable where energy prices are high More

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For the Birds

Unlike their more modern cousins, dovecotes in medieval Europe weren't simply... More

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How Small Jobs Killed My Business

Chasing energy rebates takes the focus off solving problems and puts it on getting... More

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Drone Building Inspections

The future is now: Inspectors turn to small, flying robots to scope out buildings. More

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Heat Pumps for Cold Climates

Mini-split heat pumps were a major topic at the Northeast Sustainable Energy... More

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Noritz NRC711 Condensing Tankless Unit

A gas-fired condensing unit with an Energy Factor of 0.94 for both NG and LP fuels. More

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SawStop Contractor Table Saw

SawStop Contractor Table Saw More

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Maine Builder Gets Small With Micro-Houses

“It’s not for everybody, but it’s certainly for somebody,” Maine builder Caleb Albert says of his company’s 624-square-foot product. More

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Fire Sprinkler Debate: Still Smoldering

Firefighters and home builders are still at odds over the issue of proposed code... More

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