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Elon Musk Says Tesla’s Solar Shingles Will Cost Less Than a Dumb Roof

Reportedly, producing power is just a bonus More

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Is Florida's Solar-Energy Referendum Deceptive?

Critics say the electric power industry is camouflaging the true purpose of... More

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Maine Governor Vetoes Solar Power Bill

In a blow to Maine solar companies, the state legislature has upheld Governor Paul... More

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Solar Policy in Play From Florida to Maine

Solar-energy politics is heating up in several coastal states. More

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Florida Utility Launches Big Solar Panel Farms

They may not like rooftop solar. But Florida's power companies are betting big on... More

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Florida Voter Initiative Could Shape the Renewable-Energy Future

Competing referendum drives in Florida could make or break the rooftop solar panel... More

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Easily Add Solar To Tile Roofs with QuickMount PV

The maker's QBase Universal Tile Mount works with flat or curved tiles More

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Power Lobby Fights Solar Industry

A national lobby for electric utilities is waging a state-by-state battle to hold solar energy back, according to a Washington Post report. More

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Teaming Heat Pumps with Rooftop Solar Power

Portland, Maine’s ReVision Energy has a new business model: Pairing rooftop solar... More

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Slideshow: Teaming PV with Heat Pumps

JLC's Coastal Connection spent two days on the job in Portland, Maine, this month to see an installation crew from ReVision Energy add heat pumps and rooftop solar panels to an existing house. More

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