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Who Pays If Something's Wrong With The Plans and Specs?

You're looking at an invitation to bid, complete with plans and specs. It would be a big job for you — very profitable. More

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Q&A: Noisy Expansion Tank

Q: Even though I followed the manufacturer's specifications when I installed the 2-gallon thermal expansion tank and check valve for my customers' domestic hot-water system, they still complain of "clicking" noises, mainly during the heating season. Does More

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Tool Test: Coil Framing Nailers

Coils guns are heavier than stick nailers, so look for a well-balanced tool. More

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How to double compressed air output; key notes; compressor specs; long spans and tile More

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Structural Steel

Steel specs * Wood beam to steel beam comparison * Attaching steel to wood * Splicing steel I-beams * Sizing flitchplates * Building flitch beams * Column cap & baseplate connections More

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Designing & Testing Forced-Air Systems

Here are steps you can take to ensure proper sizing and installation of air-conditioning and forced-air heating. Included is a list of detailed specifications that will guarantee state-of-the-art performance. More

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Computer Solutions: Setting Up Your Web Site

Creating your own Web site More

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Legal Adviser: Concealed Conditions

Be ready for concealed conditions More

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Legal Adviser: Copyrighting Your Design

Copyright protection for your designs More

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Tool Test: Jigsaws

Toolless blade clamps and smooth, vibration-free cutting make these tools easier... More

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