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A Flush-Framed Floor to Maximize Space

Eliminating a dropped beam and a brick pier in a basement remodel required the use... More

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Moen 1800 Series Stainless Steel Sinks

New configurations and details bring this line of sinks up to date. More

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Mayhew Steel Products Nail Boss

Make jobsite deconstruction easier with this nail-removing air-hammer attachment. More

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Retrofitting an Oversize Door in Structural Brick

A row house gets a new, 900-pound, triple-glazed slider. More

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Framing Over a Complex Foundation, Part II

This follow-up article to "Mudsill Layout for a Complex Foundation" describes... More

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Building Freestanding Walls

John LaTorre Jr. shows how to build a wall that's an independent structure when... More

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Kerdi Tileable Drain

Covering support consists of a stainless steel plate with a coating that allows... More

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IBS Take-Aways: Steel Deck Framing System

Lauren Hunter, chief products editor for Hanley Wood, teams up with Matt Risinger, principal of Risinger Homes, to inspect Trex Elevations, a durable steel deck framing system that claims benefits over pressure-treated wood. More

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Supporting a Brick Chimney With Structural Steel

A pair of I-beams support a three-story brick chimney in this basement remodel. More

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Restoring a Milk Bottle-Shaped Restaurant

A Spokane builder repairs a fire-damaged historic structure. More

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