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Creative Mines Monsoon Craft Board Form

Raw materials bring important performance characteristics to this new stone veneer... More

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Repairing Cracked Granite at Sink Cutouts

Water leaking from a faulty sink installation can ultimately cause a granite... More

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Q&A: Creating a Non-Combustible Wall Behind a Gas Stove

What's the best way to create a non-combustible surface behind a gas stove in a living room? More

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Armstrong Alterna Engineered Stone Tiles

Tiles are made from a crushed-limestone composite More

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Stick-on stone worse than EIFS?

The wall failures associated with adhered concrete masonry veneer (ACMV) are... More

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An Easier Stone Siding

Lauren Hunter, products editor for Builder's sister publication Remodeling, looks... More

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Massachusetts Masonry Contractor Completes Repairs on a Priceless Sculpture

The art of using a diamond saw, coring bit, and tension rod to stabilize a 2,000-... More

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Replacing 18th-Century Windows in an Historic Stone House

Threaded rod and epoxy secure the replacement windows in this historic stone... More

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Rocking Out in Waukesha

Some years ago, Mogensen bought a nice lot in Waukesha, Wis. — a two-acre plot... More

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Building Stone Arches

A veteran masonry contractor describes how he built a series of stone arches below... More

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