Storm and Wind Resistance

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Almost 7 Million Homes at Risk of Storm Surge Damage This Year

With higher sea levels, the damage from storm surge during a hurricane may be more... More

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A Texas Tornado: Lessons Learned

Stronger Connections Could Have Saved Homes More

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Building Tough

Nature's not getting any gentler ... but builders are getting smarter. More

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Louisiana Flooding in Pictures

Heavy rains brought major floods to Louisiana. More

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Fight Water With Water: "AquaDam" Saves Texas Home From Flood

A water-filled tube dam he bought on line kept Randy Wagner's home high and dry... More

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February Tornadoes Hit Florida Hard

A bad tornado year in the South has researchers taking a closer look More

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Next Massachusetts Building Code Will Relax Some Wind Provisions

Coming in 2016, a code that eases off on window opening protection and the use of outside wind-design references. More

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Carolina Tornado Teaches Lessons

An F-2 tornado left one Johns Island, South Carolina house with little more than... More

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Blowing Down a Masonry Block Building

Are concrete block walls safe in a high wind? That depends on the details. More

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New High-Wind Construction Guides Released

The latest update of the American Wood Council’s high-wind framing cookbooks serve... More

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