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I-Mark Self-Marking Tape Measure

Measure, press on the case, and you've made your mark More

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3-in-1 Laser Level and Measuring Tool

Bosch's new GLM 80 laser features a unique "two-axis tilt sensor" that can... More

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Expanding a Kitchen

We were wrapping up the latest in a series of renovation projects on a suburban Maryland split-level home when I casually mentioned to the owner that her Thanksgiving family gatherings would be a lot more enjoyable if her small kitchen weren't separated from the dining and living areas by a wall. More

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Tough Masonry Drill Bits

If you accidentally hit rebar with a SpeedHammer Power SDS-plus Masonry Bit, you... More

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Stabila IP65 Tech Electronic Level

I've never rushed out to buy the latest spirit level. More

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Robotic Transit for Perfect Foundation Layouts

Although precise methods for layout have existed for thousands of years, not... More

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C.H. Hanson Precison Ball Level

Inspired by the horizon- indicator instrument found on airplanes, C.H. Hanson's... More

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Leica Geosystems Disto D2 Distance Meter

Sized to fit in a shirt pocket, the Leica Disto D2 is the smallest distance meter... More

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Pacific Laser Systems PLS5 Point-To-Point Laser

The self-leveling PLS5 point-to-point laser has been updated. More

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Stanley FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer

Earlier this year, I bought Stanley's FatMax laser measuring device — mostly... More

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