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From What We Gather: March 27 - 31, 2017

On JLC's news radar this week: Texas houses twerked by thunderstorm winds;... More

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A Passive House in Wildfire Country

A self-sufficient showcase home rises from the ashes in the San Diego hills. More

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A Challenge to the Building Community

Instead of a world that is merely a less-bad version of the one we currently have,... More

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Advocating for Fresh Air in Homes

HIVE panelist and entrepreneur Bill Hayward has a passion for cleaner indoor air More

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Leader in the Green World

Who coined the term "green building"? If not responsible for the term itself,... More

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An Eco-Friendly Product Review

Lauren Hunter joins Carl Seville and Michael Anschel to review the best new, cool, and green products of the 2009 Remodeling Show. More

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Going Green

Michael Anschel of Verified Green walks the show floor at the 2009 JLC LIVE in... More

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Water Efficiency

Everyone is trying to save resources these days. Products Editor Lauren Hunter shows us some new water-saving products. More

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