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Is Fiberglass Insulation A Health Hazard?

Q: As a home inspector, I'm exposed to fiberglass insulation almost every day, and although I wear a dust mask, I'm concerned that this may not provide enough protection. I also am concerned about the possible health hazards to the occupants of these home More

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Q&A: Protecting Eyes from Lead and Asbestos Dust

Q: I do a lot of renovation work in old homes, and the work includes a lot of demolition. I am very concerned about health hazards from lead-based paint and asbestos. I make it a practice of wearing the best respirator I can find. Unfortunately, every type of eye goggles I have tried fogs up when used with a respirator, to the point where I can’t see what I’m doing. Once the goggles fog up, I end up taking them off. My question is, can you get lead or asbestos poisoning through your eyes? More

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Focus on Energy: "R" Wars -- Cellulose and Fiberglass Duke It Out

Cellulose vs. fiberglass More

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Building With Style: Lost in the Ozone
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Protecting Ears, Eyes, and Lungs

A guide to common health hazards on the job and how to cope with them. More

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