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Mitt Romney's New Utah Home To Have Secret Room

Don’t tell anybody, but behind that bookcase is a room with more books. More

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Hardware corrosion from PT lumber; upside-down beam design More

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Squirrels and Cedar Siding

We installed untreated cedar shingles on the exterior walls of a vacation home in central Maryland. Now the owners are complaining that squirrels are eating the new siding. And the squirrels really are eating it - they're not just trying to get inside the house. Is there anything we can apply to the siding to discourage them? More

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Second Home Rental Conversions Could be Remodel Opportunity~
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Model Home for Sale

Every year since 2001, home builder Cape Associates of North Eastham, Mass., has... More

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Quality, Schedule, Price: Pick Two

All clients come to the table with a set of unspoken expectations, some of which they may not even be aware of. Because these assumptions will inform every decision they make, it's important to bring them into the open and prioritize them early on. This will help you decide whether you and the clients are a good fit — and it will make the job go more smoothly later on. More

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Can Heat From a Wood Stove Damage Taped Drywall Joints?

Q: We've been called back to repair the ceiling of a vacation-home addition we built last year. The 5/8-inch fire-rated drywall ceiling is covered with 14 inches of blown-in insulation. All the tape joints performed well except those within a 6-foot radius above the wood stove; they've lost adhesion and curled. The Northern vacation home is unheated when not occupied and undergoes 12 to 15 heating and cooling cycles annually. What caused this problem, and what's the best way to fix it? More

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Fast-Tracking a Pop-Top Addition

Using wall panels and trusses, framing and roofing took only four days. More

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After Katrina: One Year Later

A year after Katrina: voices and impressions from a region rethinking how to build More

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Management by Meeting

After years of trial and error (mostly error), I've become a firm believer in... More

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