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Bring Ventilation Ductwork Inside Conditioned Space

This one should be obvious to avoid condensation build-up (and ice in winter) in... More

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Will Balanced Ventilation Be Required by Code?

It's been hinted at for years, but for the first time, it's now required in Aspen,... More

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Advanced Kitchen Ventilation
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Improved Downdraft Technology

Best's new Cattura design adds stronger, quieter ventilation for island stovetops. More

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York Introduces Seven Duct-Free Mini-Splits

One series includes a controller for up to 16 indoor units throughout the home More

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Roof Ventilation

Building codes and roof shingle warranties require that sloped roofs be ventilated for the following reasons:It lowers summer attic temperatures, extending shingle life and cutting cooling bills. It rids the attic of excess moisture.It reduces the chance of ice dams by keeping the roof surface cold in winter. More

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A Smarter, Stronger Insulation Baffle

Chris Fagan of DCI Products, Inc. explains the benefits using "SmartBaffle".... More

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A New Ridge Vent Inspired by Aeronautics

Jim Meyers of Quarrix reviews design features of their new ridge vent, "The Aviator", with JLC. The Aviator's baffle borrows from airplane wing design, allowing ventilation to one side, without drawing air from the back side of the vent. More

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