Water Quality

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Toxic Green Slime Plagues Florida Beaches

Fresh water releases are causing a major algae bloom this summer along parts of... More

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Dumpster Rain Gardens Coming to New York

Two-thousand-gallon dumpster planters will help detain the rain in Brooklyn's... More

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Clear as Mud: New EPA Rule Roils the Waters

The newly released EPA Clean Water Act implementation rule clarifying the government’s reach over “waters of the United States” is spurring a political backlash, and a likely wave of lawsuits. Also, it’s confusing. More

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Floating Islands

With a thick, three-dimensional plastic mesh made from recycled plastic water... More

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MFM Offers Underlayment Co-Branding Program

Could co-branding be the right extension for your marketing efforts? These... More

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Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas. More

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Heat Kills

After a long winter, summer's finally here ... and it could be brutal. More

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Gray Water's Time in the Sun

As the California drought grinds on, renewed interest in using grey water heats up. More

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The Mystic: Boston's Other River Struggles to Get Clean

For the nation’s polluted rivers and streams, it has been a long road back — starting with the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972. More

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