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Hunting Down A Water Leak

It's buried deep in the house and has grown steadily worse until the homeowner can no longer ignore it. It's a water leak that Matt is helping his friend diagnose on this edition of Risinger Goes Rouge.With absolute candor and an honest willingness to show what it takes - even if it means chasing dead ends, creating a mess and even a causing a small flood - Matt Risinger gives us a real-world look at hunting down and fixing a water leak. Along the way we get a good look at FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter in action, and take-away some humble reminders of how the materials and methods we choose when remodeling can have some not so great, long-term impacts. More

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Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems

Here’s how to make it less expensive to take a shower. More

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California Drought: What Does It Mean for Builders?

California builders see risk and opportunity in the state’s response to a critical... More

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Connecting a Dishwasher Drain Hose

Is it better to run the dishwasher drain into the kitchen sink drain or directly into the waste line? More

Tags: Plumbing, Kitchen, Appliances, Drain Entrapment, Drainage
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Repairing Cracked Granite at Sink Cutouts

Water leaking from a faulty sink installation can ultimately cause a granite... More

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Venting a Sewage Ejector Tank

What is the proper way to vent a system that uses a sewage ejector tank? More

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Making the Case for Zero-Leak Ducts

Mike MacFarland outlines the benefits of leak-free ducts. More

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Gray Water's Time in the Sun

As the California drought grinds on, renewed interest in using grey water heats up. More

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Saniswift Gray Water Pumping System

A Saniswift gray-water pump makes it easier to add plumbing fixtures to rooms with... More

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Hot Water Piping

In this letter, a reader explains his design for hot-water systems More

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