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State-of-the-Art Foundation Waterproofing

In a recent episode of The Build Show, Matt Risinger takes us to a river-side project in Texas where fellow-builder Brian Long is building an incredible house designed by architect Jim LaRue. It's the kind of project where the last thing you can afford (or the first thing you can't afford, rather) is a wet basement. It's a great lesson in how to approach foundation drainage and waterproofing for any demanding site.For more of Matt's video, including more from this job site, be sure to check out Matt's Youtube channel. More

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A Primer on Water Management

Strategies for dealing with water both around and on a home More

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Top (and Bottom) Building Science Resources

Allison Bailes points us to two important collections - one on cathedral ceilings... More

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Waterproofing Foundations

Matt Risinger describes three key principles for keeping water out of the foundation More

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Fixing a Poorly Flashed Cupola

What we found was a poor trim design, a half-hearted repair, and a whole bowl of ‘... More

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All Decked Out

Sage words from Dr. Joe: "If you want to save cash ... flash. Don't be a dope ...... More

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A Case Study in Foundation Waterproofing Failure

The house wasn't even done and already the basement had become a wet mess. More

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