Wiring and Cable

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Neutral Necessity: Wiring Three-Way Switches

In the latest National Electric Code, every switch box in a habitable room or... More

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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Is using a grounding screw required when working with metal electrical boxes? And what about grounding when using plastic boxes? More

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Pigtails for Switches?

Is there any advantage to wiring switches with pigtails? More

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Q&A: Sizing Electrical Boxes

What are the guidelines for determining box size, and how can you prevent overcrowding? More

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Task Lighting Angle Power Strip

This flexible strip fits neatly into any inside corner. It’s available in various... More

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Schluter Systems Ditra Heat System

This radiant heating system provides floor warming and uncoupling in a single layer. More

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QuickTie Anchor and Cable System

QuickTie is an anchor-and-cable system for use in seismic areas or where builders... More

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Corded Convert

Unlike cordless drivers, it never peters out while driving a screw. More

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Dealing With Thinner Gauge Ground Wire

A licensed electrician responds to a reader’s question about how to deal with... More

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Sandy-Damaged Wiring Caused Boardwalk Fire

The fire that wreaked havoc on a section of New Jersey boardwalk was sparked by... More

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