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Beach Boundary Puts Florida Development in Doubt

A line in the sand spells trouble for a Fort Myers Beach developer. More

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Outer Banks Grapples With Mega-House Rule Dilemma

Policymakers are struggling to craft rules for huge rental properties on the beach More

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Judge Rules Outer Banks Vacation Complex "Not a Single-Family Home"

A 20,000-square-foot beachfront mansion should not have been approved, a North... More

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FEMA Flood Map Fight Pays Off for Palm Beach County

Local officials push back and get flood maps amended, easing insurance... More

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Connecticut Dabbles With "Form-Based" Zoning Rules

The "new urbanist" approach to regulating building shapes, sizes, and uses is... More

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Local Pushback Delays FEMA Flood Maps in Scituate, Mass.

After consultants raised issues, FEMA announced a six-month pause for review. More

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Is That a Remodel or a Teardown?

A near-total makeover in Florida is pitting one neighbor against another, with... More

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Outer Banks Towns Grapple with Mega Rental House Issue

Local governments are flummoxed over how to regulate huge new houses sized to... More

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Is That a House or a Hotel?

24 bedrooms, 20,000 square feet — neighbors argue that's not a single-family home. More

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Off-Again, On-Again Zoning Rule Roils the Waters in Rehoboth, Delaware

A Rehoboth zoning rule limiting the size of new homes is on hold, following a... More

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