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January 1988

In this issue: Conference Report: Timber Framers Confab — Contracts: Reading the Red-Flag Clauses — Diversification & the Small Builder — Mark-Up Basics — Top Cat on the Crew: The Bookkeeper — Writing an Employee Manual


February 1988

In this issue: Bigger Spans & Heavier Loads — Case Study: Small-Scale Historic Rehab — Commercial Wood Flooring — Coping With Commercial Codes — Making It in Commercial Interiors — Planning for Profit in Commercial Remodeling — The Critical Path Method


March 1988

In this issue: Building on Block — Cold-Weather Concreting — Conference Report: NAHB 1988 — Failed Footings & Buckled Walls — Keep It Simple: Foundations for Additions — Low Retaining Walls — Steep-Site Solutions


April 1988

In this issue: Fiberglass, Mineral Wool & Your Health — High Performance Wall Systems — Home-Grown Imports — How Durable Is Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood? — How Two Guys in Two Weeks Build Custom Shells — Hybrid Timber Frames — Out on a Limb With Cantilevers — Stress-Skin Homes Move Mainstream


May 1988

In this issue: Defeating Ice Dams — Details for Rooftop Decks — Inspecting Sloped Roofs — Modified Bitumen: Top Choice for Residential Flat Roofs — New Twists in Tiles, Shakes, & Shingles — Restoring and Treating Wood Shakes and Shingles — Slate Roof Repairs


June 1988

In this issue: Low-Cost Window Rehab — Problem Clinic: Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Siding — Restoring & Repointing Brick Masonry — Selecting & Installing Red-Cedar Siding — Shotcrete Primer — Special Report: Troubles with Synthetic Stucco — Success With Exterior Stains


July 1988

In this issue: Assessing Difficult Sites — Erosion Control on Construction Sites — Financing the Small Development — Land-Use Regs: Learning the Ropes — Understanding Impact Fees — Using Landscaping to Market Homes — What Remodelers Should Know About Septic Systems


August 1988

In this issue: Getting Practical: Energy Details that Builders Can Live With — Heating System Retrofits — How To Survive and Prosper Building Low-Energy Homes — Integrated HVAC: One Box Does It All — No-Frills Fresh Air — Shopping for Superwindows — Tapping the Earth for Cheap Heat


September 1988

In this issue: Design/Build for Remodelers: One Company's Approach — Estimating for Profit in Remodeling — Fire Safety & Historic Preservation — Getting into Home Inspection — House Moving -- Piece by Piece — Refurbishing Wood Gutters — Sill Repair & Jacking


October 1988

In this issue: Barrier-Free Building Basics — Coping with Sealed Glass Failures — Plate Joinery Comes of Age — Success with Hardwood Flooring — The Changing Face of Floor Finishes — Troubleshooting Floor Plans — Wide Plank Floors — Wood Fire Doors: Meeting the Codes — Working with Flagstone


November 1988

In this issue: Beyond the Basic Septic System: Practical Alternatives — Custom Work With Plastic Laminates — Hardware for Quality Kitchen Cabinets — Installing Whirlpools & Spas — Preparing for Ceramic Tile — What's New in Kitchens and Baths?


December 1988

In this issue: Building Curved Walls — Customizing Closets — Roach-Free Remodeling — Safety Glass Rules & Regs — Smart House Sweepstakes — Sound-Studio Retrofit — Traditional Looks for Sale