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January 1990

In this issue: A Plain-Language Construction Contract — Business Plan Basics — Carpenters of Invention — Contractors' Discounts — High-End Remodeling: Building on Customer Satisfaction — Sub or Employee?


February 1990

In this issue: Factory Building and Smaller Builder — Fast & Accurate Framing the Panelized Way — Interview: Why Switch to Modular? — Pre-Fab Products for Site-Built Homes — Think Steel


March 1990

In this issue: Getting Power to the Site — Life & Death of a Building Lot 'Subject to Perc' — Lots of Opportunity — Repairing Stone Foundations — Seismic Bracing — Shallow Foundations: Beating the Frost


April 1990

In this issue: Framing a Gable Dormer — Have Building Will Travel — Managing a Framing Business — OSB: Job-Site Report — Preventing Wind Failures — Profit & Loss Statements — Simple Drawing for Remodelers & Builders — Tools of the Framing Trade


May 1990

In this issue: Flashing the Tricky Spots — Flat Roof Liability — Production Roof Cutting — Radon Regulation Update — Roofing with Concrete Tile — Sealing & Painting Treated Wood — Tight Cathedral Ceilings


June 1990

In this issue: A Hard Look at Hardboard Siding — Coping With Low-VOC Paints — Landscaping With Brick Pavers — Rural Driveways — Sealing Around Windows — Stripping Exterior Paint


July 1990

In this issue: Building A Motivated Staff — Interview: Rafter Framing with Wood I-Beams — Maintaining and Repairing Pneumatic Nailers — Plastics in Construction: Finding New Niches — Technology To Keep in Touch — Unusual Power Tools


August 1990

In this issue: Detail: Fat-Wall Windows — Guide to High Performance Hydronics — Home-Run Holds Promise — Interview: Teaming up with Distributors — PB's Troubled Past — Sizing Heating Systems — Special Report: Plastic Plumbing: Home Run Holds Promise — Ten Tough Energy Questions


September 1990

In this issue: Design Fees for Remodelers — Designing Additions That Fit — Detail: Cinching Up an Old Schoolhouse — Floating Hardwood Floors — Interview: Sunspace Business: Changing with the Times — Slabjacking Basics — The Basic Masonry Chimney — When You Have To Cut A Truss


October 1990

In this issue: Detail: Ventilation Innovations — Interview: Staining & Finishing Interior Millwork — Laying Marble and Granite Tiles — Simple CAD for the Mac — Successful Floorplans for Small Houses — Underlayments for Resilient Flooring


November 1990

In this issue: Bathroom Lighting Basics — Building Curved Dormers — Ceramic Tile Grouting — Passing On Control of Your Family Business — Solid Surfacing — Up-Flush Basement Baths — New Products: K&B for the 90s


December 1990

In this issue: Backdraftng: Causes and Cures — Hanging Up Your Tool Belt — Housing Imports: Threat or Opportunity? — Innovations From Abroad — Shopping for Transits & Builders Levels — Ten Shortcuts That Don't Pay