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January 1993

In this issue: Bringing the Bathroom Up to Code — Job Cost Accounting — Payment Schedules Everyone Can Live With — Shear Wall Basics — Siting A Pond


February 1993

In this issue: A Second Story in Five Days — Choosing Replacement Windows — Framing a Radius Stair — Pocket Door Primer — Simple Interior Arches — Straight Talk About Workers Comp


March 1993

In this issue: Accessibility on a Shoe String — Curing Concrete — Detail: A Barrel-Vault Ceiling — Follow-Up Visits Win Referrals — Hillside Foundations Part One — Schools For Contractors


April 1993

In this issue: A Contractor's Guide to Carpeting — Bracing Foam-Sheathed Walls — Framing With Floor Trusses — Hillside Foundations Part Two — Job-Site Storage Solutions — My First Spec House: Lessons Learned


May 1993

In this issue: Are You Making a Profit? — Choosing an Asphalt Shingle: Organic vs. Fiberglass — Joining Unequally Pitched Roofs — Repairing Plaster Walls and Ceilings — Troubleshooting Retaining Walls — Wood Fungi Causes and Cures


June 1993

In this issue: Building Porches That Last — Is This Chimney Safe? — Pop-Up Downdraft Vents — Stucco Patches — Troubleshooting Wood Siding


July 1993

In this issue: A Contractor's Guide to Concrete Anchors — Installing Seismic Framing Connectors — Safer Garage Door Openers — Selecting Residential Locksets — The Business of Lawsuits — Traditional Trim in Vinyl and Aluminum


August 1993

In this issue: After the Storm: Hard-Won Lessons — Getting the Most From Mechanical Cooling — Hydronic Radiant Heat for Wood-Framed Floors — The Last Word (We Hope) on Vapor Barriers — Thinset Tile Countertops — Top 10 Profit Eaters


September 1993

In this issue: A Hiring Test for Carpenters — Foundation Replacement — Lead Paint Update — Prefab Masonry Fireplaces — Taking the Sag Out of Shed Dormers — Working Cost-Plus


October 1993

In this issue: Case Study: Flat Truss Failure — Concrete Block Foundations — Interior Trim Tips — Interview: Through Thick and Thin A Design/Build Partnership — Laminate Countertops On Site — The Electrical Panel


November 1993

In this issue: A Guide to Green Building Resources — Building Two-Story Window Walls — Eco-Friendly Building Products — Making Job-Site Recycling Work — Protecting Trees During Site Work — Retrofit Weatherstripping with Silicone Bead — The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets


December 1993

In this issue: Detail: Stealing Space From a Truss Roof — Foam Foundation Forms — K&B Remodeling -- On Budget On Time — Roughing-In for Kitchens and Baths — Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets — Trailers on the Job Site