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January 1999

In this issue: 14.4-Volt Cordless Drills — Answers to Ten Tough Business Questions — Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows — Installing Framed Cabinets — Working Down Under: Basement Remodeling Tips


February 1999

In this issue: Factory-Built Custom Homes — Shopping For Portable Compressors — Subbing Out Everything — Waterproof Fiberglass Decks — Zoning Forced-Air Heating Systems


March 1999

In this issue: Foundation Drainage — Installing Hardwood Strip Flooring — Managing Client Emotions — Rebuilding an Old Attic Space — Roof Calculations Simplified — Trimming Out Stairs


April 1999

In this issue: Aluminum Trim for Vinyl Siding — Choosing Estimating Software — Hydronic Baseboard Basics — Leaving The Field — Tool Test: In-Line Circular Saws — Working With Manufactured Stone


May 1999

In this issue: Reroofing Over Asphalt Shingles — Simple Spec Writing — Stripping & Repainting Wood Siding — Successful Fireplaces in Tight Houses — Tool Test: Recip Blade Demolition Derby — Truss Roofs: Production Style


June 1999

In this issue: Durable Exterior Details — Grouting Ceramic Tile — Plumbing Venting Explained — Production Jamb Extensions — Sidewinder Saws — Using Lead Carpenters: Four Case Studies


July 1999

In this issue: A Simple Job-Site Notebook — Building a Pole Barn — Electrical Code Update — Spray-Applied Foundation Waterproofing — Unit-Pricing Pitfalls — New Tools & Materials for '99


August 1999

In this issue: Bending V-Crimped Valley Flashing — Crawlspace Ventilation Update — Detail: Wood Trim for Vinyl Siding — Hanging a New Door in an Old Jamb — Managing Fraudulent Clients: A Contractor's Survival Guide — Rafter Cutting Basics — Tool Test: Sliding Compound Miter Saws


September 1999

In this issue: Accrual Accounting — Flitch Beam Retrofit — Floating Floor Options — Making Paint Stick to Wood Siding & Trim — Rigid Foam Update


October 1999

In this issue: A Builder's Guide to Geothermal Heat Pumps — Framing Layout Rules of Thumb — Getting the Final Payment — Protective Supplies for Remodelers — Repiping With PEX — Troubleshooting Roof Leaks: Problems & Solutions — K&B Problem-Solvers


November 1999

In this issue: Designing Better Kitchens — Keeping Water Out of Brick Veneer — Making Sense of the Energy Code — Structuring a Construction Business — New Tools for 2000


December 1999

In this issue: Cordless Saw Update — Installing a Radiant Wall — Makeup Air for Combustion Equipment — Millenium Notebook — Prefab Shear Walls — Wood Facts & Fiction