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January 2000

In this issue: A Quick Cure for Problem Soils — Choosing a Profit-Sharing Plan — Installing Radiant Snowmelting — Sealing and Flashing Metal Roofs — Working With Vinyl Windows


February 2000

In this issue: Bidding Errors to Avoid — Compound Miter Saw Review — Installing Direct-Vent Space Heaters — On Site with Advantech — Waterproofing ICF Foundations — Working with Preprimed Wood Siding


March 2000

In this issue: Best-Practice Energy Upgrades — Builder Time Bombs — Getting Ready for Tax Season — Good Subs, Great Work — Installing Metal Door Jambs — Stripping Old Paint — Tying in a New Foundation — Wrapping the House: Do's & Don'ts


April 2000

In this issue: A Spreadsheet Primer — Framing Day One — Installing Suspended Ceilings — Kitchen Cabinet Storage Options — Radiant Subfloor Panels — Simple Site-Built Mantels


May 2000

In this issue: Building A Custom Sunroom — Engineered Exterior Trim — Framing Nailers — High-Tech Home Wiring — Installing Metal Panel Roofs — Predicting Cash Flow


June 2000

In this issue: Builder's Guide to Vinyl Siding — Choosing Collated Nails — Concrete Basics — Making the Switch to Steel — Putting a Limit on Allowances — Shopping for Recessed Lights


July 2000

In this issue: Electrical Q&A for Remodelers — On Site With Duradek — Tool Test: Plate Joiners — Tracking Your Profit — Undermount Sinks


August 2000

In this issue: Choosing a Sheathing Wrap — Cutting Fiber-Cement — Floor Framing with Steel — Office Spaces that Work — Practical Foundation Waterproofing — Skim-Coat Plaster


Sptember 2000

In this issue: Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation System — Deck Railing Options — Delivering Exceptional Service — Installing Manufactured Stairs — Tool Test: Jigsaws — Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco


October 2000

In this issue: Footing Fundamentals — Guiding Your Client to Job Satisfaction — Pan Flashing a Chimney — Q&A: Job-Site Glues — Tool Test: Recip Saws


November 2000

In this issue: Fast Framing with Panels — Glass Block Tips & Tricks — Low-Slope Reroof with EPDM — New Tools from the National Hardware Show — What's New in Solid-Surfacing


December 2000

In this issue: Casting Concrete Countertops — Fine-Tuning Forced-Air Heat — Frameless Shower Installation — Framing Living Space Over a Garage — Installing a Cylindrical Latchset — Layout Under the Slab