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January 2001

In this issue: Framing With Pre-Cut Components — Innovative (and Cool!) Safety Products — Low-Cost, No-Cost CAD — Making the Most of Skylights — Reducing Drywall Callbacks


February 2001

In this issue: Green Building for a Profit — Inside Interior Doors — Installing Stair Railings — Making EIFS Watertight — Practical Details for Energy Efficiency


March 2001

In this issue: Building a Winning Team — Favorite Drywall Tools & Accessories — Framing Roofs With Steel — Raising an Eyebrow Dormer — Tips for Crack-Free Concrete Slabs


April 2001

In this issue: Exterior Soundproofing that Works — Fast Layout for Tall Rake Walls — Low-Cost, High-Value Upgrades — My First ICF Foundation — Remodeling a Bathroom a Day — Two Simple Curved Walls


May 2001

In this issue: Choosing a Power Planer — Fall Protection Update — Hidden Deck Fasteners — New Tools from the Builders' Show — Roofing With Concrete Tile — Using Television Advertising


June 2001

In this issue: Choosing Flexible Flashings — Closing Contract Loopholes — Cordless Recip Saws — Reader Survey: Siding Choices — Sawing Concrete


July 2001

In this issue: Have Asphalt Shingles Improved? — Innovative Products for 2001 — Installing Central Vac — Making Brick Repairs Disappear — Teach Classes & Win Customers


August 2001

In this issue: Affordable Self-Leveling Lasers — Building Screened Porches — Custom Hold-Downs for a Rooftop Deck — Designing & Testing Forced-Air Systems — Framing a Barrel-Vault Dormer — Torchdown Roofing Basics — Undercabinet Lighting Options


September 2001

In this issue: Buying a Plunge Router — Choosing Engineered Beams — Favorite Low-Cost Marketing Techniques — Retrofitting a Whirlpool Tub — Saving Trees During Construction


October 2001

In this issue: Charging for Estimates — Commonsense Lead Safety — Insulating with Spray Cellulose — Laying a Stone Floor — Remodeler's Journal: Cleaning Up After the Storm — Shopping for Clad-Wood Casement Windows


November 2001

In this issue: A Simple Time & Materials Contract — Designing Balanced Lighting — New Tools for 2002 — No-Callback Carpet Installation — Success with EIFS


December 2001

In this issue: A Simple Kitchen Bay Window — Building Truss Roofs the Safe Way — Prefinished Strip Flooring — Radon Vent Retrofit — Staging High Work