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January 2002

In this issue: A Simple, Stylish Cornice Return — Garage Door Options — Installing A Heat-Recovery Ventilator — Laying Out an Irregular Valley Rafter — On the Job With Integrated Construction Software


February 2002

In this issue: Building Airtight Homes — Calculating Labor Costs — Coil Roofing Nailers — Restoring an Open Porch — Retrofitting a Skylight in a Truss Roof — What's New in Exterior Doors


March 2002

In this issue: A Stone Veneer Foundation — Accounting Habits of Successful Contractors — Connecting to the Future — Cordless Tool Kits — Sizing Domestic Water Pipes


April 2002

In this issue: A Job-Site Office — Designing Concrete Basement Walls — Engineered Trim & Siding — Framing Floors With I-Joists — Getting Water From a Well — Successful Sound Control


May 2002

In this issue: A Simple Vaulted Ceiling — Asphalt Shingle Q&A — Building a Deck Over Living Space — Indirect-Fired Water Heaters — Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete — Visible-Beam Rotary Lasers — Wood Composite Decking


June 2002

In this issue: 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailers — Installing Precast Garage Slabs — Making Curved Railings — Problem-Solving Cabinets — Secrets of a Floor Refinisher — Tracking Your Time


July 2002

In this issue: A Pop-Top Shed Dormer — Financing Spec Homes — Getting Quality From Fiberglass Insulation — Innovative Products 2002 — Manufactured Fireplaces — Repairing a Stone Foundation


August 2002

In this issue: Building Kitchen Cabinets In Place — Choosing Vinyl Windows — Portable Miter-Saw Stands — Retrofitting Basements — Shopping For A Generator


September 2002

In this issue: Building Squeak-Free Stairs — Cordless Circular Saws — Durable Trim For Coastal Construction — How To Charge For Overhead — Installing Crown Molding — Preventing The Cash-Flow Crunch — Repairing Cantilevered Balconies — Waterproofing Basement Walls


October 2002

In this issue: Energy-Tight Framing — Exterior Details — Foundation Drainage — Foundations & Site Work — Framing Techniques — Interior Framing — Kitchen & Bath Rough-In — Seismic & High-Wind Framing — Structural Steel


November 2002

In this issue: Buying a Compressor — Coming to Grips with Job-Site Paperwork — Finish Carpentry, Production Style — Floating a Mud Bed for Ceramic Tile — Souping Up a Tow-Behind, Remodeler's Style — Trouble-Free Foundations for Expansive Soils


December 2002

In this issue: Cost-Effective Marketing for Builders — Cutting Barrel-Vault Rafters — Detailing Laminate Flooring — Installing A Skylight — Using A Volt-Ohm Meter