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January 2005

In this issue: Exposed Aggregate Concrete — Getting Pipe Staging Right — Oil Paints: Going, Going, Gone? — Timber-Frame Roofs for Great Rooms


February 2005

In this issue: Built-Up Hot-Mop Roofing — Choosing Laminate Flooring — Ground-Source Heating & Cooling Gets Better — Interview Getting Into Insurance Work — Strong Rail-Post Connections for Wooden Decks


March 2005

In this issue: Creating A Company Report Card — Installing Solar Electric Power — Job Log: Adding a Walkout Basement — On Site With Form-A-Drain — Repairing Fire Damage — Tool Test: Paper-Collated Clipped-Head Nailers


April 2005

In this issue: Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels — Foolproof Layout For Winding Stairs — Rot-Resistant Deck Details — Rx For Wood Windows — Tool Test: Cordless Finish Nailers


May 2005

In this issue: Installing Curved Exterior Trim — Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel — Replacing a Leaking Chimney Cap — Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers — Wiring The High-Tech House


June 2005

In this issue: Bidding Large Jobs — Fast Closets With Melamine — Flashing A Flanged Window — Installing a Wide Door In a Tall Brick Wall — Tuning Up a Pneumatic Nailer


July 2005

In this issue: A New Way to Install Slate Roofs — Innovative Products 2005 — Installing Manufactured Stone Over ICFs — Lessons From Florida's Hurricanes: Why Stucco Walls Got Wet — Tool Test: Door Planers for Door Hangers


August 2005

In this issue: Buying a Compact Excavator — Fast Box Newel — Framing a Barrel-Vault Ceiling — Habla Espanol? — Safety Lessons


September 2005

In this issue: Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof — Avoiding Expensive Mistakes — Drywall Art — New Products for Kitchen and Bath — Protecting Doors and Windows In Wet Climates


October 2005

In this issue: Rainproofing Stucco Trim — Replacing a Beach-House Foundation — Solar Hot Water 101 — Spraying Clear Waterborne Lacquer — Supporting a Wide-Span Floor With Structural Steel


November 2005

In this issue: Blueprint for Successful Marketing — Building a Glazed Cupola — Housed-Stringer Exterior Stairs — Plumbing Problem-Solvers — Tool Test: Combination Rotary Hammers


December 2005

In this issue: Building a Curved Portico — Foolproof Cure for Wet Basements — Success With Traditional Trim — Tool Test: Coil Framing Nailers