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January 2007

In this issue: 2006 JLC Index — Hanging A Door From Scratch — Replacing an Electrical Service — Shingle Art — Underpinning a Foundation


February 2007

In this issue: Builder CAD For Less Than $1,000 — Cool Tools From STAFDA — Heating a Home With a Tankless Water Heater — Retrofitting A Structural Ridge — Tool Test 16-Gauge Finish Nailers


March 2007

In this issue: Building a Beamed Ceiling — Designing Accessible Kitchens — Installing a ScapeWel — Insulating Unvented Attics With Spray Foam — Using an Airless Paint Sprayer


April 2007

In this issue: A New Look for Old Paneling — Getting Organized for Fast Framing — Quick Wood Replacement Windows — Tool Test: Lithium-Ion Cordless Kits — Wet-Set Mudsills


May 2007

In this issue: Drywall Finishing For Small Jobs — Faster Jamb Extensions — Making the Most of a Narrow Bathroom — Remodeling's Deadliest Sins — Running a Timber-Framing Business — The Ultimate Work Trailer


June 2007

In this issue: A Builder's Guide to Energy Codes — A Door in Disguise — Dressing Up an Eyebrow Dormer — Flashing Recessed Windows — Testing for Moisture In Concrete Slabs


July 2007

In this issue: Innovative Products 2007 — On Site With Pervious Concrete — Photography For Contractors — Replacing Doors In Stucco — Restoring Old Windows


August 2007

In this issue: Building an Energy-Efficient Spec House — Dressing Up The Garage — Laying a Flagstone Terrace — Planning for Safety — Plumbing and Straightening Walls


September 2007

In this issue: Fast Cuts for Complex Roofs — Installing Stock Cabinets — Keeping Product Selections On Track — Rain-Screen Retrofit — Standby Generators


October 2007

In this issue: Connecting All Contractors — Energy & Moisture Matters — Framing a Dutch Gable — Roof Ventilation Update


November 2007

In this issue: Framing a Curved Porch — Installing Cable Railing — More Shingle Art — Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws — Trouble-Free Appliance Rough-In


December 2007

In this issue: Building an Arched Passageway — Fine-Tuning the Frame for Finish — Taming Butt Joints — Tool Test: Recip Saws