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In this issue: Air-Sealing Tips and Tricks – Building Cambered Columns – RRP Compliance for Small Jobs – TOOL TEST Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Drill/Drivers



Contemporary Bathroom Addition — Remodeling in Masonry — Cool Tools for 2012 — Securing Rainscreen Siding



In this issue: Avoiding Problems With Spray Foam — Energy-Efficient Modular — Proactive and Positive In the Face of Recession — Shoring a Sagging Floor



In this issue: Manufactured Storm Shelters — Replacing a Deck — Retrofitting a First Floor — Weaving Hips and Valleys With Wood Shingles



In this issue: An Affordable Passive House — Demo-Blade Showdown — Replacing 18th-Century Windows — Straightening a Stone Wall



In this issue: An Affordable Passive House, Part II — Fixing Bathroom Ventilation Problems — Retrofitting a Steel Header — Light-Duty Welding for Builders



In this issue: Ductless Heat Pumps — Kitchen & Bath Show Roundup — Pouring a Structural Slab — Restoring a Round Porch



In this issue: Flashing and Trimming a Window — Getting Started in Multifamily — A Contemporary Box Newel — Weatherstripping Double-Hung Windows



In this issue: Troubleshooting Brick Veneer — Expanding a Kitchen — Tightening Up a Two-Family Home — Compact Routers



Installing Dense-Pack Cellulose — Working With Helical Piers — Breaking Through the Language Barrier — Keeping Water Out of Stucco Walls — Troubleshooting a Kitchen Remodel

November 2012


Running Crown Production Style — Air-Sealing for Hot Climates — The Business of Mold Inspection — Laminating Stringers for Curved Deck Stairs

December 2012


Getting Oil Results With Waterborne Finishes — Fall Protection for Roof Work — Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath