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21. Budget Universal Safety Glasses

After trying on some SecureFit safety glasses at the 3M booth, I decided they're not only ingenious but a bargain. Weighing less than an ounce, the glasses flex at the temples so they comfortably and securely fit just about anyone. The 200 Series ($2.25 or $2.41 per pair) offers clear, amber, and gray anti-fog or anti-scratch lenses. The 400 Series ($3.25 per pair) adds soft adjustable nose pads that help reduce slippage, padded temple touch points, and a hint of neon green along with a choice of clear anti-fog, gray anti-fog, or indoor/outdoor mirror lenses. To view a video, visit the Safety Video Center at 3M's website. 3M, 800.328.1667,

  • Credit: RichardSvärd

22. Remodeling-Friendly Tile Saw

Husqvarna's TS 60 wet tile saw, which won a 2013 Editors' Choice Award from , looks formidable in person. It comes with a folding stand; has wheels, so it can be maneuvered by one person; adjusts easily to make diagonal, bevel, and plunge cuts; and can rip 24-inch tiles and cut 20-inch tiles diagonally. It also features electronic soft start and protective circuitry with an LED warning light; cleans the water for reuse; and includes other refinements, such as a built-in bull's-eye level. But the big story is its water containment system, which delivers water to the blade from below rather than above the tile to shield the jobsite from the usual overspray and slurry—just the ticket for remodeling. It can also deliver the water conventionally if needed. Price: $1,200. Husqvarna, 800.288.5040,

23. Linear Compact Circular Saw

My 28-year-old Porter-Cable 4 1/2-inch model 314 wormdrive trim saw has been a savior on countless remodeling jobs because it fits into tight spaces, has a longer reach than conventional compact sidewinders, and allows me to make overhead cuts with little fear of a powerful kickback. The saw is also easy to use with cutting guides because everything tucks neatly within the margins of the base. The new Rockwell RK3441K 4 1/2-inch compact circular saw isn't a worm drive, but it appears to have all the other attributes of my Porter-Cable, plus a blade-left orientation that some users will appreciate. Unlike my trim saw, it can cut a 2-by at 90°. The saw weighs just 5 pounds, has a 10-foot cord, and can hook to a vacuum. It costs about $100 and comes with a three-year warranty. Rockwell, 866.514.7625,

24. Deck Insurance

To counter lateral loads on deck ledgers, the article "Strong, Safe Decks" (Sep/13) recommends following the 2012 IRC (Figure R507.2.3) and using hold-down tension hardware in at least two locations to tie deck joists to the house's floor joists. The usual approach at each location is to install a pair of Simpson Strong-Tie DTT2 Deck Tension Ties linked through the ledger and rim joist by a 1/2-inch threaded rod, but the hardware can be a hassle to install where the deck joists and floor joists don't line up or are perpendicular. The new Deck Harness Lateral Load Connector Kit developed by GRK Fasteners, on the other hand, consists of a galvanized chain that passes through a hole in the ledger and rim joist and connects to deck and floor joists with U-bolts. A thermoplastic plug seals the hole. GRK says that, because the chain doesn't need to run in a straight line, the Deck Harness cuts installation time in half. A one-connector kit costs $150, and a two-pack costs $290. GRK Fasteners, 800.263.0463,

  • Credit: Richard Smaltz

25. Accessible Jobsite Chest

According to the manufacturer, the new Knaack 4830-D jobsite chest is the first on the market to include an independent locking drawer (called the Junk Trunk) so you can quickly grab some tools or supplies without opening the main box. Above the drawer, the raised floor of the main box allows you to reach the bottom more easily while still leaving enough headroom for 5-gallon buckets. The lid has a continuous finger grip on the front and sides so you can open it from almost any angle. A locking hinge keeps it open, and a gas strut prevents it from slamming shut when you close it. The chest costs $800. Werner, 800.456.7865,

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