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Josh Dunlap, production manager of Consolidated Design & Construction Group, a residential design/build remodeling contractor in St. Louis, reports that his company has been using Trimaco’s Old School Heavyweight Butyl drop cloths for years with excellent results.

Made in the U.S., the washable drop cloths consist of a tightly-woven polyester/cotton fabric with a triple-coated butyl-rubber backing that helps prevent liquids from leaking through while also resisting slippage on hardwood and other solid surfaces. Dunlap says that his drops have endured countless machine-washings without delaminating, and that small tears can be repaired by patching both sides with Tyvek tape (which can also handle multiple washings).

The drops come in four sizes, but he finds the 4x15 and 9x12 versions to be the most useful because they’re easy to wash and can collectively protect everything from hallways to large rooms. At, the 4x15 costs about $16, the 9x12 about $28. —Bruce Greenlaw is a contributing editor to JLC.