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  • Tarping and Taping

    Protecting work on the jobsite results in happier clients and more referrals.

  • Pocket-Hole Machine

    The new Kreg Foreman DB210 won't replace production equipment, but it will be welcome on the jobsite and in small shops.

  • M18¢ FUEL¢ 1 SDS Rotary Hammer

    Cordless Rotary Hammer

    Milwaukee's M18 Fuel 1-inch SDS Plus rotary hammer has a brushless motor and protective electronics.


Hand Tools

  • Vintage Handsaws

    Taper-ground blades and handmade hardwood handles make these humble hand tools things of beauty.

  • Leica Laser Distance Meter

    The Leica Disto E7100i is simple, precise, and rugged.

  • Carpenter's Pencil

    The SharpDraw pencil sharpens itself whenever the tip is drawn along a straightedge.


Portable Power Tools

Stationary Power Tools