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  • Senco FinishPro 23-Gauge Pinners

    The 23SXP and the 23LXP pinners sport all the essential features and look durable. Check out our field test results to see how they fared.

  • DeWalt Dual-Speed Cordless Framing Nailer

    Several cordless finish nailers substitute flywheel power for internal combustion, but DeWalt's DCN690 and DCN692 are the first framing...

  • ZipWall ZipFast Multi-Pack

    A portable dust-wall-in-a-box, the pack includes seven reusable nylon panels that zip together on the jobsite.


Hand Tools

  • 18-Volt Cordless Recip Saws

    Cordless is convenient, but not if it sacrifices power and runtime. This tool test puts 10 cordless recip saws through their paces.

  • Cool Tools for 2014 From STAFDA

    Bar-raising products from the annual Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association trade show

  • New FatMax Tools

    Stanley has introduced several innovative hand tools lately, including the FatMax 17-ounce Anti-Vibe Framing Hammer and 25-foot...


Portable Power Tools

Stationary Power Tools

  • Hacking a Miter Saw

    The Amish carpenter who converted this machine from electric to gas may not consider it a hack. But it is.

  • Draw and Cut

    A new way to set up a twin-blade utility knife.

  • The Baddest Cordless Drill Yet

    According to its maker this soon-to-be-released model will be the most powerful tool of its kind.