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    Versatile Storage

    Offer ProSlat wall storage as part of a garage upgrade or use it in your shop

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    PAMtite Hot-Melt Glue Gun

    Lays down a bead of thermoplastic adhesive that sets five minutes after application

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    Not Just for Drywall

    The Jab Saw can handle several materials, from metal to PVC

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    Clean Cutter

    The Diablo 10-inch Ultimate Flawless Finish blade cuts easier than many other carbide blades

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    Cellular Alarm

    The GSM Cable Lock guards table saws and other stationary tools left on the job site

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    Quick Workstation

    Saves time with fast and easy setup and breakdown

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    On Track

    Festool's new TS 55 REQ track saw is a redesign of the TS 55 EQ

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    Instant Dust Door

    The Zip Door can be installed in less than a minute

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    Bug-Resistant Clothing

    Insect Repellent Work Wear protects against ticks, flies, and mosquitoes

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    16V MaxLithium Impact Driver

    More powerful than 12-volt drivers, but lighter and more compact than 18- and 20-volt models

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    Easy Chair

    Prolok rebar and mesh chairs have locking heads, so no bar ties are required

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    Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill/Driver (Subscriber content)

    The brushless 2603-22 is light, fast, and powerful

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    Tune-Up App (Subscriber content)

    Step-by-step coaching on how to tune and maintain power tools

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    Second Look (Subscriber content)

    A year after it was reviewed in JLC, how is the Hilti Autofeed Drywall Screw Magazine holding up?

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    18-Volt Brushless Impact Drivers (Subscriber content)

    High-efficiency brushless motors and better batteries push the capacity of these full-size tools further than ever

  • Werner Ladder Tech Support

    The company promises to answer technical questions posted on its website within 48 hours

  • Copemaster Update (Subscriber content)

    You can still buy parts -- and a new model is in the works

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    Chappell Master Framer Square (Subscriber content)

    This precise, American-made, stainless-steel layout instrument has unique decimal scales and patented rafter tables

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    X-Ray Vision

    DeWalt has added a Hand-Held Radar Scanner to its 12-volt Max lithium-ion system

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    Ultimate Framer

    With the Chappell Master Framer, you can calculate cuts for complex roof frames

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