Why aren’t young people pursuing construction jobs? In JLC's sister-publication, Builder, Dian Zhang frames the problem and points to ways to woo young workers.

As you read Zhang's summary, be sure to delve into the Home Advisor report prepared by Marianne Cusato about a survey conducted among skilled professionals to gain insight into the skilled labor shortage. Among the key findings:

  • Trouble hiring skilled labor is preventing businesses from growing. In fact, 93 percent of survey participants believe their businesses would grow over the next 12 months if not for hiring challenges.
  • There are plenty of skilled labor jobs, but limited training resources may be creating barriers to entry into the field.
  • Negative perceptions and a lack of industry exposure may be keeping new entrants from pursuing skilled labor jobs. In fact, 61 percent of respondents agree that there is a lack of exposure to professions in the skilled labor field for younger generations.
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