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Enhanced Overhead by Kate O'Brien Solid wood stringer system for suspended ceilings gives the look of custom carpentry without the cost. The Interlock Ceiling System can support several ceiling alternatives, including the suspended lighting pictured above. Other applications include wood panel ceilings and acoustical panel ceilings. According to its manufacturer, it installs as easily as a metal frame ceiling, with fewer wire supports than conventional metal ceilings. The company also manufactures the Interlock Lighting Fixture, a completely self-contained unit available in several different sizes. For more information contact Interlock Concepts, 9594 Port Sheldon Rd., Zeeland, MI 49464; 616/875-8181. The Butt End Flooring constructed from end-grain wood blocks promise durability. Wood Blocks come in several styles. Lug-type, bevel corner, and grooved, are recommended for use in industrial applications