Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is the founder of BuildingGreen, a Vermont company that has been working since 1985 to advance more environmentally responsible building practices, and in early 2012 he founded the nonprofit Resilient Design Institute.

Alex Wilson's Posts


    With the right construction techniques, homes built for "passive survivability" can stay comfortable for up to seven days with no power.

  • Daunting as the coastal climate can be, the home-building industry has the capacity to construct homes capable of withstanding the ravages of hurricane-force winds, floods, home-crushing waves, incessant rain, high humidity, short drying cycles, scorching sun, and corrosive concentrations of salt. What's needed is the know-how from a number of different sources. The must-have titles gathered here provide a good representation of this collective knowledge and even point the way toward overcoming new perils looming on the horizon.

  • Green may sound simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult to define. An expert in the field explains what green means, and why it matters.

  • Q. My excavation contractor offered to bury my scrap drywall on site, but I've heard buried gypsum can create a harmful gas. I've also read that it's okay to bury small amounts if you disperse it. Is it okay to bury drywall on site at all, and if so, what

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