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    Q: Code requires that there be a 2-inch-minimum clearance between a chimney and any combustible building materials. In the past, I've tightened attic penetrations around masonry chimneys with metal flashing and used a fireproof caulk to seal the joints. B

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    Q: While building a new home in upstate New York, we installed R-15 kraft-faced insulation in the walls, but the local building inspector then made us install 4-mil poly over the kraft paper facing. We've been told by other builders and inspectors that this is not a good practice. Is this double vapor barrier likely to cause problems later on?

  • Five ways to prevent potentially fatal garage fumes from entering a house.

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    In this notoriously leaky and difficult-to-insulate area, both the insulation and the air barrier must be continuous.

  • Q. I’ve heard that if you use 5 1/2-inch-thick fiberglass batts in a 2x4 wall, the insulation will have a higher R-value than standard 3 1/2-inch batts provide. But some people say that compressing fiberglass batts lowers the R-value. What’s the story?

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