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    After replacing both a condensate pan and a pump, the plumber fixing my client's leaky air-conditioning coil finally determined that the problem was actually in the condensate drain. The drain's small trap was clogged with a mucuslike substance; unclogging it was a simple repair that took just a few minutes, but (needlessly) replacing the pump and pan cost my client a couple of service visits. Is the trap really necessary or is it just a way for hvac installers to set up nuisance service calls?

  • These highly efficient systems are a good choice in cloudy or cold climates.

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    Why increasing the size of the expansion tank will reduce the clicking noises coming from a domestic hot water system.

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    Q: I recently learned that building codes in my state now require that newly installed water heaters be set at 140°F. But up until now, with concerns about energy conservation and scalding safety, 120°F was the normal setting. Why the change?

  • Why your thermal-expansion tank might be too small to adequately protect your gas or electric water heater.

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