Don Dunkley

Don Dunkley is a semi-retired framing contractor from Cool, Calif., and the former show manager for JLC Live. More than any other person, Don is responsible for working out how to put "live" in the JLC Live expo.

Don Dunkley's Posts

  • A veteran California framer explains step by step how to lay out plumb, seat, heel, and plancher cuts on common, hip, valley, and jack rafters.


    In this JLC classic from our archives, a California production framer shows how on-the-ground prep work can speed truss installation.

  • A California framer and his crew report on the newest in-line circular saws after putting them through the most reliable test they could think of — a month on the job site.

  • For complex roof framing, calculators are starting to take the place of framing square tables or trig. A veteran California framer shows how to make a complete hip-rafter cut list using the Construction Master foot-inch calculator.

  • This vaulted ceiling detail is inexpensive to build, but it looks like a million bucks.

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