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  • The Power Tool Institute offers a number of educational articles on its Web site promoting safe use of a variety of power tools, including circ saws, table saws, routers, and jigsaws. In addition, PTI offers a number of tool-safety brochures and videos.

  • Grip-Rite says its 16D mini palm nailer offers the performance of a pro tool but in a compact package that's one-third the size and weight of traditional palm nailers. The GRTMP16 drives up to 16D nails up to 3-1/2 inches long at 70?110-psi operating pressure. It features a magnetic nose to hold fasteners in place. – FastCap's ChopShop Saw Hood can keep your cleanup quick and your customers happy. Set up behind your miter saw, the hood eliminates blowing sawdust near your workstation, preventing the room from becoming covered in dust. The unit also can be used as a protective cover when working outside in inclement weather.

  • It only takes one glance to notice that Blåkläder workwear is a bit different. But beyond its distinctive styling, Blåkläder clothes offer standout functionality and durability, says this Swedish manufacturer that recently brought its 48-year-old brand to the U.S. The company describes its products as 'functional workwear' aimed at solving common contractor challenges through features like specially designed (and plentiful) pockets, integrated kneepads, and durable materials and construction.

  • Inside: Safety Education / Connector Training / Safety Guide

  • Wilton says blade on 10-inch compound saw may come loose; DeWalt says lower blade guard on framing and circular saws may fail to close.

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