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  • Warn has new Electric Come-Along; and Makita introduces new rotary hammer.

  • We haven't seen much lately about the cordless race for higher voltage, since tool companies started realizing what contractors have known for years: If you're going to work with a cordless tool all day, 18 volts gets the job done–but 24-volt tools are too heavy. 'The breakthrough,' tool experts would tell us, 'will be in the batteries.' And many would point to lithium-ion batteries used in cell phones and computers as the next generation–if only they could figure out someday how to get them to perform under the conditions tools would require.

  • Industry celebrates anniversary in Portland, Ore.

  • Developed by the Associated General Contractors of America, the Supervisory Training Program includes 10 20- to 25-hour courses (plus two 25-hour overview courses) designed to provide supervisors with the knowledge and skills to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment, and materials.

  • It's getting hard to keep up with the new tools, but that's a problem we like to have. Here are this year's newest introductions.

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