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Mark Parlee is a siding contractor ( in Urbandale, Iowa, specializing in exterior renovations and building-envelope solutions. He has parlayed his siding expertise into building-envelope consulting (

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  • Water dripping from a skylight is often more than a flashing problem; to fix this roof, reducing indoor humidity was a critical first step.

  • Q: We ordered preprimed HardiePlank lap siding to finish a project, but when it was delivered, we discovered that the backs were left unprimed. Normally, we back-prime wood clapboards, but I'm not sure this step is needed with fiber-cement siding, and the manufacturer's Web site is mute on the subject. Is back-priming necessary?

  • A properly flashed water-resistant drainage plane is essential when installing stone veneer over a wood-framed wall.

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    Q: The clients on an upcoming project are interested in installing fiber-cement siding, but they're concerned about how the butt joints will look. While they don't expect the tight-fitting seams characteristic of wooden clapboards, they also don't like the look of wide caulked joints. Is there a better way to detail these joints?

  • Nothing like rolling the shop to the job to slash setup time. A GC tells how he built a custom saw trailer with a 14-inch radial arm saw, a large-capacity air compressor, and tons of storage space.

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