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  • To say 2009 was a tough year for auto-makers would be something of an understatement. But you could also say it was a very good year for truck buyers who managed to stay in the market. When the construction industry went into a skid, prices for pickups and other work vehicles plummeted, and nearly all vehicle sales came to a dead stop at the deepest point of the recession. Pickup buyers could just about name their price as dealers desperate to move inventory advertised sales up to half off.

  • The wet/dry vacs in Fein Power Tools' Turbo line are designed with 0.3-micron Tier-II HEPA filters to comply with the new RRP rule, says the maker.

  • Dustless Technologies offers a wet/dry vac with a dedicated HEPA filter (model 16006) to meet the requirements of the new EPA lead rule, says the manufacturer.

  • Truckin' Around

    Readers may recall that when Ford Motor Co. retooled its Super Duty line of big F-Series pickups in 2007, it also fell into a contract dispute with International Truck and Engine, the outsource manufacturer for Ford's much-touted new 6.4-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engines. International temporarily halted shipments of the engines and both parties went to court to straighten it all out.

  • Launch Time

    With the economy poised for a comeback in 2010, toolmakers are just now rolling out their latest innovations to meet the anticipated demand. Every year at this time, the

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