Rex Cauldwell

Rex Cauldwell is a master electrician and owner of Little Mountain Plumbing and Electric in Copper Hill, Va.

Rex Cauldwell's Posts

  • Q. I'm doing some wood siding repairs on a house, and every time I hit the trigger on my chop saw, the lights in the house flicker. The power company says the problem is with the house not their lines. But the lights in the house across the street flicker

  • Q. I am having a problem with a shower valve in a bathroom remodeling project. When you turn the water all the way to hot and then back off to around the middle of the temperature range, you get a pulsating water flow from the shower head and severe, loud knocking from the shower pipes in the wall. The problem does not occur when the valve is opened all the way, full hot. We've secured the valve and the piping with clamps. Are you aware of any remedy for this problem short of taking the tiled walls apart to install a water hammer arrester?

  • Dependable rural water supply starts with sizing the pump and using high-quality fittings. A master plumber explains the details.

  • Our tester compares power, balance, and features on seven new right-angle drills.

  • Q: The municipal storm drainage system in our city shares pipes with the sewer system. During heavy rainstorms, water backs up from the municipal drain line into a customer’s basement floor drain. Is there any type of check valve that can be installed in

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