Rick Arnold

Rick Arnold is a veteran builder, an author, and a frequent presenter at JLC Live. He lives in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Rick Arnold's Posts

  • These circ saw accessories allow you to make perfectly straight and repeatable rips and cross-cuts in all types of lumber.

  • To avoid cracks, isolate the concrete slab from the footing and foundation so that it can move independently.

  • How the right concrete mix and good placement practices will keep defects in an ICF foundation to a minimum.

  • As a self-employed contractor in New England for nearly 30 years, I've relied on rotary hammers for as long as I've been in business. As a concrete foundation contractor, I've used them to drill holes for placing rebar into existing foundations to tie into a new pour, and occasionally on new foundations to chisel out a misplaced or forgotten beam pocket or utility chase. These days, with my projects ranging from residential remodeling and new construction to light commercial work, I use them less often but for more varied tasks like drilling for missed anchor bolts, installing deck ledger bolts into foundation walls, chiseling out old concrete firestops, creating holes for conduit, and especially tying new foundations into old.

  • On-the-ground layout and efficient use of a crane enable these Rhode Island builders to place, brace, and sheathe a truss roof in one day.

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