Now available on demand, episode 1 of the #buildersareessential webinar series—Why Essential Matters Now—explores what “essential” means in the face of recent policies ordering businesses to press pause, and how construction companies and building supply chains are navigating the unfolding impacts, as individuals at all levels of the business are squeezed between an unprecedented public-health emergency and looming economic catastrophe.

Watch the 30-minute conversation with Clark Ellis, principal and co-founder of Continuum Advisory Group, and Clayton DeKorne, Chief Editor of Hanley Wood’s JLC Group, as they hit the ground running with a tour of Hanley Wood’s Coronavirus Construction Tracker.

A 6-part web town-hall series from the Hanley Wood Media Coronavirus Construction Center, #BuildersAreEssential explores what’s happening as the coronavirus pandemic sends shock waves through our society – on the public health front, through the very foundations of our economy, and at every level of the construction industry, which stands as one of society’s vital resource streams in good times and bad. We give voice, builder to builder, on what’s timely, how to respond, how to stay safe, and how to keep work in process moving forward in this time of great challenge.