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Establish Price Without Giving the Price

Strategies for quickly bringing unprepared clients up to speed on price without... More

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How to Keep Bubba From Bidding On Your Plans and Specification

Shawn McCadden provides expert advice on setting up a sales process that won’t... More

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Giving Away Your Identity To Lead Gen Companies

Beware: Once you sign up to get referrals, a lead-gen can use your information... More

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Is A Contractor Really A Salesperson If He Or She Hits Send?

Is your justification for emailing your proposals really a “reason” or, is it an “... More

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Three Ways To Handle "Your Price Is Much Higher Than The Other Guy"

Next time a prospect tells you your price is higher than someone else’s try these... More

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Finding the Right Marketing Message

JLC Live presenter Allison Iantosca, owner-partner of Boston-based F.H. Perry... More

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Photography Tip - Zoom Bracketing

In photography, "Bracketing" is taking a series of the same picture, but changing some aspect of the photo such as exposure, or the zoom angle of the lens as you progress through. More

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Cash Buyers And Investors Drive Housing Market

The current housing recovery is driven by investors and cash buyers, not borrowers. More

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As Market Tightens, Home Buyers Find Out They Need Cash

Never mind interest rates. Home buyers in hot markets around the country are... More

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