To bring the latest surge in COVID-19 cases under control, President Joe Biden announced a vaccine mandate last week, which would require every employer with more than 100 employees to require the vaccine for its workforce or provide weekly testing. The mandate will be levied and enforced through a new emergency temporary standard (ETS) from OSHA in the coming weeks.

According to the post on NAHB Now, NAHB staff attended an information session late last week where OSHA said it expects the ETS to be ready in six to eight weeks. There won’t be an opportunity for the industry or public to provide input on the ETS, and when it is published to the Federal Register, it will take effect immediately.

The vast majority of home builders in the United States have fewer than 100 employees, so the mandate should not directly affect most NAHB members. But the extension of strong federal workforce rules to contractors could be problematic down the road, as much of the home building industry is run on contracted relationships.

NAHB members should remain flexible and ready to act when the ETS is issued and be prepared for change even after the rule is in place. For any questions about COVID-19 vaccines or finding a vaccination center, see the resources compiled by NAHB for Vaccine Awareness Week held in April.